Area Career Center University Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll?
Hammond students who are completing 8th grade.

How do I enroll?
See your guidance counselor for an enrollment form. Return the completed enrollment form to your counselor by the deadline.

Can student still participate in extra-curricular activities?
Yes, students will still be able to participate in extra-curricular activities at the high school they would have attended.

Will there be other activities at the ACC?
Yes, we currently have 10 clubs of various interest for students to join.  However there will not be band, choir or organized athletics.

Will there be any career guidance provided for students?
One area unique to our school is we have established relationships with business and industry. Students will be able to go on field trips to be exposed to different career areas and guest speakers will be visiting the school to help in guiding students in the right direction.

Will students have the opportunity to gain work experience?
During the junior and senior years of school, some students will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience by participating in an internship. Students must provide their own transportation for the internship experience.

If a students does not receive free or reduced lunch, will there be opportunities to help pay tuition costs?
Yes, we are working on a way to defer the cost for families that do not qualify for free/reduced status.